Documents pertinent to the proposed Conservation Land Group(CLG)/Rainbow River Ranch(RRR) /Dunnellon Settlement Agreement of the CLG/RRR Bert Harris Lawsuit


Bert Harris lawsuit filed 11/13/09 by RRR/CLG against City of Dunnellon under Marion County case 42-2009-CA-6247. (Full document click here)   774 KB
2 The CLG/RRR/Dunnellon Settlement Agreement was first introduced to the public 3/17/10 and approved unanimously by the City Council on 3/19/10. Page 19 of this document shows a plat of the proposed development on the CLG/RRR land. This agreement was derived to settle Marion County case 42-2009-CA-6247 and other potential Bert Harris claims filed by the developer against the City of Dunnellon.(Full document click here)   1,883 KB
3 Marion County case 42-2010-CA-1960 was filed jointly by CLG/RRR and Dunnellon as a new case for a judge to accept the proposed settlement to the Bert Harris claims (4/6/2010). (Full document)   1,840 KB
4 RRC and the 15 individuals filed to intervene in cases 6247 and 1960 (4/29/2010) (Full document)   4,886 KB
5 DCA filed to intervene in case 1960. (6/11/2010) (Full document)   639 KB
6 CLG/RRR motion to dismiss intervention of RRC/individual intervenors and DCA (8/26/2010) (Full document)   18 KB
7 Court Orders Intervention in case 1960 (12/23/2010) (Full document)   652KB
8 The RRR/CLG/Dunnellon/DEO settlement agreement with proposed plat and buffer description attached.  Approved by City Council 9/24/12. (Full document)   2.7MB
9 Intervenors objections to settlement agreement dated 9/24/12. (Full document)   158 KB
10 Amended joint petition to affirm settlement 1-29-13 (Full document)   2.14MB
11 Intervenors Response to Amended Settlement Agreement. 2/9/13 (Full document)   187 KB
12 Motion for Non-Evidentiary Hearing, dated 5/31/13 (Full document)   1.14MB
13 Intervenors Response Opposing Non-Evidentiary Hearing, dated 6/27/13. (Full document)   182 KB
14 Order for non-evidentiary hearing with memo of law 9-6-13 (Full document)   61 KB
15 Order for evidentiary or amended petition option 6-20-14 (Full document)   478 KB
16 Intervenor's Response to Amended Petition filed 9-29-14 (Full document)   440 KB
17 Order denying motion for evidentiary hearing 12-19-14 (Full document)   362 KB
18 Order approving settlement agreement 6-11-15 (Full document)   1.84 MB
19 Order denying 2nd motion for evidentiary hearing 6-16-15 (Full document)   884 KB
20 Appellant appeal brief 9-30-15 (Full document)   995 KB
21 Appellees answer brief 10-31-15 (Full document)   1.15MB
22 Appellant reply brief 11-18-15 (Full document)   672 KB
23 Appellate Court Opinion 4-15-16 (Full document)    
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