Basin Management Action Plan
Petitioners Proposed Recommended Order 2020 The DOAH trial was held on behalf of several petitioners representing 13 outstanding springs. This is the proposed recommended order on behalf of all petitioneers 1-27-20
Silver-Rainbow BMAP Amended Petition 2019 Petition that the Silver- Rainbow BMAP be determined to be inconsistent with Florida Law; the proceedings be remanded by the Division of Administrative Hearings for further development of the Silver-Rainbow BMAP consistent with the laws
Silver and Rainbow Springs BMAP 2018 This is the combined Siver Springs and Rainbow Springs combined BMAP (Basin Management Action Plan) for sprngs restoration. - June 2018 (7.4 MB)

Rainbow Springs Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) 2015

Final Version of the Basin Management Action Plan to lower the nitrate concentration in the Rainbow River 2015. (6.7M)
Nutrient TMDL for Rainbow Springs Group Final Report on source of nutrient loading in the Rainbow Springs Group and approaches need for remediation. (4.0 M)
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