Silver and Raibow Springs BMAP 2018 This is the combined Siver Springs and Rainbow Springs and Rainbow River combined BMP (Basin Management Plan) for sprngs restoration. - June 2018 (7.4 MBytes)
CRISPS Executive Summary 2017 This three year study by University of Florida Water Institute for the St, Johns River Water Management District describes impact sources on springs water and flow quality. (Summary 450KBytes)
CRISPS Full Report 2017 This three year study by University of Florida Water Institute for the St, Johns River Water Management District describes impact sources on springs water and flow quality. (Report 69 MBytes)
2017 RRC Presidents Reoport This slide show details Rainbow River Conservation Activities and news in 1997 (6.6 MBytes)
SB 552 How has it worked out A Retrospective Analysis – The Impact of Florida's 2016 Water Law On Restoration of Florida's Springs - Bob Palmer - Sept 2017
Status of BMAPs for Outstanding Florida Springs BMAPs for Outstanding Florida Springs: Status Report and Lessons Learned -Sept 2017
FSI Comments on MFL Draft and current Rainbow Springs Report Card Florida Springs Institute comments on Draft Recommended MFL Report and Report Card on six quality parameters of Rainbow Springs and the Rainbow River (731 KB)
Revised Final Draft Minimum Flows and Levels for the Rainbow Rainbow System Southwest Florida Water Management District Final Draft MFL report - June 2017 (3.5 MB)
Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve Management Plan FDEP Plan Update for 2016 for the management of the Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve (14.4 MBytes)
Rainbow Springs Baseline Assessment Florida Springs Institute Baseline Assessment of the Rainbow River in Sept 2016. (10 Mbytes)

Rainbow Springs Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP)

Final Version of the Basin Management Action Plan to lower the nitrate concentration in the Rainbow River 2015. (6.7MBytes)
Rainbow Springs Surface Water Improvement Plan (SWIM) Water District Plan to protect and restore the water quantity and quality in the Rainbow River 2015 (2.7 MButes)
Regional Water Supply Plan SWFWMD northern district
Plan to provide water resources to SWFWMD northern district for the next 25 years (6.0 MBytes)
Nutrient TMDL for Rainbow Springs Group Final Report on source of nutrient loading in the Rainbow Springs Group and approaches need for remediation. (4.0 MBytes)
Rainbow Springs Restoration Action Plan - Exec Summary Executive Summary of the Rainbow Springs Restoration Action Plan December 2013 (4.5 MByte)
Rainbow Springs Restoration Action Plan - August 2013 Review of Rainbow River geology, recharge area, environmet and imapact on water qualtiy with a Restoration Action Plan (5.4 MByte)
Dr. Bob Knight Letter to Adam Putnam on improving Ag BMPs This is an open letter From Dr Bob Knight after the Adam Meeting of the Water Policy Advisory Council Meeting on Aug. 23, 2013
Rainbow River Environmental Study - Sept 2012 Report describes a one year program to monitor recreational use of the Rainbow River and its impact on the river environment. 6 MBytes
2011 Rainbow River Vegetation Evaluation This report describes an extensive study and mapping of vegetation in the Rainbow River. Comparisons are made with three previous studies in 1996, 2000 and 2005 (4.44 MBytes)
Nutrient TMDL for Rainbow Springs and River - DEP Report - January 2013 DEP Report on Study that defines Rainbow Springs and River as Impaired due to excessive alge growth. (4.1 MBytes)
Resource Protection - RRR Resource Protection Assessment of the Rainbow River Ranch
Valuing Florida's Clean Waters Report discussing Florida's impaired waters with algae growth and the effort of EPA and FDEP to analize choices. (1 MByte)
First Do No Harm -article Dr. Bob Knight article on reduced water flows in springs publiched in Gainsville Iguana on October 6, 2012

Restoration Plan for the Rainbow Springs and River Draft June 2011

This Draft Restoration Plan was developed by the Rainbow
Springs Basin Working Group during the 2010-2011 time frame. (3.1MBytes)
Survey of Birds on the Lower Rainbow River This bulletin describes the evironment on the Rainbow River and presents a survey of birds during the spring of 2006 (The document is 3 MBytes- be patient)
The Significance of Lake Rousseau for Wading Birds This report details a survey of wading birds on Lake Rousseau in central Florida and difficulties encountered during nesting season.
Photos of 11 listed species that nest or use the lake. (4.2 MBytes)
Eagle, Osprey and Rookery Site Map of Lake Rousseau This an updated (3/12) Map of nest sites and rookeries of birds on Lake Rousseau a treasure for birders and kayakers. (3.5 MBytes)
Birding Lake Rousseau Presentation PowerPoint Presentation descibing breading birds and nesting sites on Lake Rousseau (19 MBytes)
Rainbow River Aquatic Vegetation (video) This 10 minute video shows an underwater view of the Rainbow Springs Headwaters and the plants and wildlife that live there. It also reviews the impact that recreational use of the river has on vegetation. (YouTube)
The Withlacoochee River Watershed Report Executive Summary A Study by the University Florida on the Withlacoochee River Basin. Executive Summary (1 MByte)
The Withlacoochee River Watershed Biophysical and Regulator Charactics A Study by the University Florida on the Withlacoochee River Basin. (12.6 MBytes)
When the Springs Run Dry An article by Henry Taksier review the water table reduction in Florida
Planting Your Yard for Birds and Butterflies (video) This 3 minute video shows how to plant a yard in central Florida using native Florida Friendly plants to attract birds and save water.
Halpata Tastanaki Review This May 2014 reviw discusses impact of the Sabal Trail Gas Pipeline proposed route through the Scrub-Jay nesting area of the preseve (8.3 MByte)
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